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Some 100-meter-deep holes bring the heath of the earth to our building, refreshing our hotel in summer and warming in on winter. Moreover, we reuse rainwater for watering the grass and our market garden.

Meeting room

Suitable for company meetings, or other kind of events.


Taste the cakes and sweets we make everyday in our oven with ecological ingredients, natural juices, yoghurt, etc. Nothing like a great breakfast for having a nice day.

Massage and sauna

Get complete relax on our hotel. After an hour long massage you can lie down in our sauna or on the thermal lounger.

Small shop

Shop some local and traditional items produced near here.

Swimming pool

Take a refreshing bath in Summer. You will think that the water of our swimming pool merges with the sea.


Divinuscatering helps us offering to our customers catering services for special events like lunches, dinners, etc.

Digital fingerprint

Room doors open with digital fingerprint technology, so that you can come back to the hotel whenever you want, without fearing loosing the key.

Respect the nature

The respect for nature is a principle we follow when selecting cleaning products.